Troubleshooting MIM invalid-attribute-value error for Lotus MA

Ok, you’ve got this error, and this is something troublesome for your MIM solution.

Getting invalid-attribute-value on Import phase is probably preventing you from having Delta Import, and you can’t see deletions from the Lotus side. At the same time, the error message being displayed is useless and don’t give you even a smallest clue on what is wrong.

We will be using ETW tracing to figure this out. First, here we have a minor but important point that might be overlooked when reading the support documentation on how to enable tracing for MIM Sync.

As Lotus MA is x86 code running out of miiserver.exe process, it’s meaningless to edit miiserver.exe.config. Instead, we should make changes to dllhost.exe.config.

This is the extra I’ve added to my “..\Synchronization Service\dllhost.exe.config”:

<source name="ConnectorsLog" switchValue="Verbose" switchType="System.Diagnostics.SourceSwitch">
<add name="MAEventTracingForWindowsListener"
type="System.Diagnostics.Eventing.EventProviderTraceListener, System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089"
initializeData="{C4D0C1D4-909D-481b-B011-10E682A6009D}" />

Let’s turn ETW tracing on:

logman start mysession -p {C4D0C1D4-909D-481b-B011-10E682A6009D} -o NotesMAETWtrace.etl -ets

… and then start Full Import for Lotus MA.

After it’s ended we can stop tracing:

logman stop mysession -ets

And convert the generated trace file (mine was huge, more than 20Gigs) to a text file:
tracerpt NotesMAETWtrace.etl -o NotesMAEventTrace.csv -of CSV -summary NotesMAEventTraceSum.txt -report NotesMAEventTraceRpt.xml

Search for some common keywords, like “Error”, in the resulting text file, and you might be lucky to find something like this:

Obviously here I’m having some issues with missing DNs (FullName), and it will be enough to put some values there on the Lotus side.

Great, now it’s going to be simple, we just search on the UNID values we identified, and fix the corrupted objects:

Gotcha, yeah!

Happy troubleshooting.

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